Thailand Mission Trip 2013

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Summary by Ryan Smith

Despite the endless fried rice and the pizza with corn on it, we had an amazing time in Thailand.   We started training for our skits and practicing our gospel scripts as soon as we reached the hotel.   Once training was over we were off to schools, market places, street corners, hospitals and mass crusades to preach the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

We would be in the van ready to leave the hotel, by about 8:30 A.M. each day.  At each stop we would present the Gospel, lead the people in a prayer of salvation, and then pray over the new believers for healing throughout their bodies and their lives.  At each place we would visit we saw between ninety and one-hundred percent dedication to Christ.  We would make as many stops as possible throughout the day before we had to be back to the mass crusade site each night.  Even though each and every place we visited was different, we saw countless miracles at each school, market place, street corner and hospital we visited.

In one school, a girl of eleven was healed of a mouth sore.  After the prayer of healing we asked who could tell a difference in their body.  She came forward and pulled back her lip, exposing the nastiest mouth sore I have ever seen.  She said it was already feeling better.  I told her that Jesus wanted her to be all the way better -not just a little bit better.  We prayed again, and she showed us the sore once more, it had already shrunk half of its former size and was continuing to shrink.  She said the pain was one hundred percent gone and she knew that Jesus healed her!  Seeing how much Jesus cared for that little girl, who did not even know His name ten minutes before, showed me the love He has for each and every person!

In another school, there was a little boy who came into the cafeteria using a crutch.  He was not able to walk without his crutch for support.  He listened intently as we told about Jesus- the God who loves and the God who heals.  He prayed the prayer of salvation with our team and the majority of his school.  After the prayer of healing, he came onto the stage carrying his crutch in his hand!

The entire trip was packed with salivations, and healings.  After one week of ministry we saw a total of 27,945 salvations and hundreds of documented healings!  Over all it was a fantastic faith building trip for both of us!


Our church purchased a bus for this Thai Pastor, Pastor Kit.  He had been transporting people on his motorcycle up to 4 hours before Sunday morning service and then preaching.  The bus enabled him to pick everyone up that needed a ride in less 1 hour and also expand to help those who have wanted to come but didn’t have a ride.

Ryan and Jamey got to meet Pastor Kit and see the van that our church purchased for him.  He was extremely happy to show what he had purchased with the money given.

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